Blue Mahogany Ltd is an award winning interior design firm, with offices in the UK and Nigeria, that provides stand-alone professional design consultancy and advisory services. Our service offering is based on a commitment to provide value and to interpret our client’s needs in the most professional, contextual, aesthetically pleasing and functional ways possible.

Lateral thinking, continuous research, collaborative teams, and open interaction with our client allow for a design process that ensures our clients receive satisfaction and value, time after time. Our aim is to provide bespoke interiors that reflect the individuality of our clients and enhance the unique strengths of each project.


High-end property owners, hoteliers, commercial companies, CEOs, procurement officers, developers, architects – our client list is as varied as the environments we create. We have significant experience in commercial, corporate and residential interior design, and interior design for businesses in the hospitality sector too.


We assist individuals and businesses with every aspect of the interior design process. Some clients require standalone design schemes with 3D visuals, others come to us for complete project management. We can guide clients from the drawing board all the way through to project completion, offering personally tailored support and services at each stage of the process.



The blend of the beautiful with the functional, classicism with a touch of the unusual, tradition underpinned by innovation, luxury permeating the everyday. We take the best of international and Nigerian design to transform interiors and inspire visitors. Where have you come from? What are your inspirations and influences? What makes you, you? Our clients’ identities and individual styles are a big part of what we do and what defines us in turn. We believe in discovering what makes you unique, then helping it shine through stunning design.


Our headquarters in Lagos is a hive of creativity and passion for beautiful design.

Here you will find the Blue Mahogany designers, project coordinators and resident architect – all using their skills and eye for design to create spaces which are unique, functional and aesthetically pleasing while delivering value through the highest degree of professionalism.



We work with specialists from within and outside of Nigeria to turn your exclusive design into a reality. Some of our services include:


Bespoke. Functional. You. Our Interior Design services are tailored to everything about you, your brand and your lifestyle. No two clients are the same and thus, no two spaces are the same. We ensure that we understand how you want to enjoy your space by listening deeply during the briefing phase and iterating so we get it just right.


Have an idea what you want but don’t know how or where to get it? Blue Mahogany Procurement services will work with you to ensure that the ideas you have meet your functional and aesthetic needs. We’ll then source the items and deliver them to the location of intended use.


Beyond Design, Blue Mahogany will manage all aspects of the project delivery, coordinating artisans and third party service providers to ensure that not only do you have the most fantastic space you will love, but that you also have peace of mind throughout the delivery process.


There are many factors that can affect how much an interior design process costs. From the amount of time it will take to deliver to how much detail goes into a project, accurate cost estimates can only be provided on a project-by-project basis.

At Blue Mahogany we offer a very flexible, full interior design service which covers everything from creating 3D visualisations and providing consultations, to sourcing furniture and delivering full, end-to-end projects. We’ve structured our services to ensure our clients find precisely what they’re looking for and do not pay for unnecessary extras.
Blue Mahogany love to hear about your projects so please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your big ideas and receive a provisional quote.

At Blue Mahogany we understand that our clients want a clear start and end date for their interior design project and we provide this on an individual basis. Whether we are working on a residential property or a highly time-sensitive commercial space, we make sure that we provide clear time frames and deliver every project smoothly and professionally.

Again, there are many factors which influence how long each unique project takes which means an accurate timescale is only possible after we have learned more about your project. Contact our team today to discuss your interior design goals.

This is a very important question. How can you feel confident that your interior designers will hit the perfect note with your space and turn your vision into a reality? The key is careful research and close communication with every client.
We meet with our clients and spend time collaboratively creating a highly detailed brief which covers all aspects of their new interior design. During consultations we know exactly what questions we need to ask to create a detailed brief and to ensure that no key aspects are overlooked. Wherever possible we undertake site visits to the premises in question to get a strong feel for how the space is operated and used. This is especially useful in commercial design processes.

Getting to know the personality of each brand or owner is another key step;  the better we understand what you are trying to communicate through your interior space, the more perfectly we can create the environment you have envisioned.

At every stage in the interior design process we put you firmly in control, initial designs are always subject to your review and we ensure you have as much involvement as you want to feel confident that we are creating the space you have in mind.

Of course your goals and your preferences are extremely important to the design process, however, our team work hard to make sure you have as much or as little involvement as you want. As a professional interior design team, we can be trusted to get things done to an impeccably high standard should you choose to take a back seat.

The initial stage is the most important. Fine-tuning your brief and concept with your collaboration ensures that you see perfect finished projects completed to your precise specifications. Once your concept has been honed, we can get started.

Throughout the implementation of your design you can have as much or as little involvement as you like. We always run alterations and changes past our clients, getting your sign off before we progress. We also send regular reports and updates to keep you in the loop. Should you wish to get more closely involved, we are more than happy to accommodate your preferences too.

Yes. We offer a broad range of interior design services, allowing our clients to pick and choose the services they need. We offer standalone consultation services, helping architects, property developers and branding companies to imagine and design their spaces.

Yes we can.
Although our headquarters is situated in Lagos, we absolutely enjoy working on projects outside Lagos State.
To do this effectively, and depending on the location, we either send a team from Lagos, or team up with our network of contractors and tradesman across Nigeria and beyond. Thus ensuring that our client is satisfied with the final design outcome as well as the entire design process.
Over the years, we have successfully executed projects in England, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, and Ghana.
Across Nigeria, we have repeatedly handled projects in Abuja, Benin, Asaba, Enugu, Warri, Ibadan, Owerri and of course Lagos to mention a few.
Our goal is to meet the design needs of clients regardless of their location.

Absolutely not. Our passion is helping our clients to discover and evoke their own signature style, bringing their unique personality and image to each new space.

Every client we work with has their own taste and their own design preferences – it’s what makes every project unique. We’re inspired by this diversity, which is why we always like to incorporate something a little bit different into each design to make a statement about each client. From something as elegant and indulgent as a chandelier above a bathtub, to something as unexpected as rich damask wallpaper on a bedroom ceiling, we use creative little touches to express who our clients are and bring out their personality through beautiful design.

Yes we can. We offer standalone design services, but we also provide complete end-to-end interior design that takes care of every single aspect – from sourcing bed linen and audio-visual equipment to hand-selecting crockery and kitchen appliances. How far we go depends on what you need.

We have a number of expert technical partners and access to specialist resources which allows us to seamlessly implement projects of all shapes and sizes. From conceptualisation at the initial stages to managing the entire project all the way through to completion, we can deliver beautiful interior design from start to finish – bringing your vision to life.




“Besides the creative aspect of the works, which is absolutely fantastic and beyond anything I could imagine in Lagos, I am very surprised and enthusiastic about how professional Blue Mahogany has proven to be.

Being in a similar industry, and working with craftsmen and labour, I know how difficult it is to get everything right and especially on time. For that reason I am very impressed with how Blue Mahogany have performed.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Omon and Blue Mahogany team…any chance I find – both socially and professionally- I will make sure that I advertise Blue Mahogany’s brilliance! Nike is absolutely ecstatic with Blue Mahogany, both professionally and personally.”

Andreas Koumpatis

“Omon worked on a challenging project and from start to finish was full of ideas and met all of our needs. Very professional and has a great sense of knowing what the client wants, and then making it happen. This was done on time and within budget. Would not use anyone else.”

Louise Ware

Founder at The Mind Playground

“All I can say is I’m blown away! I love it! Thank you! There’s nothing not to like…I thank God for you…I couldn’t have put this together.”

Esosa A

My House of Style


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